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Ultimate Resumes’ mission is to write resumes that position our clients to obtain the jobs of their dreams. A great resume has to represent you when you aren’t there to do it yourself so it needs to be written masterfully in order to present you and your accomplishments in a way that resonates with recruiters and hiring managers. Ultimate Resumes is not the least expensive resume writing service you can hire but it is the best.

A resume should not simply be a list of your background and accomplishments. It should be a marketing tool that truly sells “You Inc.” to potential employers. No matter what your qualifications are, if your resume does not effectively articulate your value proposition, you are not getting the mileage you need out of your hard work and the career you have worked for years to build.


Resume pricing is available upon request. Contact us for a quote. Some variables that affect price are:

  • Number of years of professional experience

  • Are you a C-suite, executive, senior manager, manager, professional, or technical employee? Senior executive resumes require more time and expertise to create and are priced accordingly. Conversely, junior professional resumes most often require less time to create and are priced lower than senior executive resumes.

  • Complexity of job and/or job history.  For example, if you are a research scientist in a niche field, an attorney with a unique technical specialty, or if you are the inventor of a new technology your resume may take more time and require slightly higher pricing.

  • Timeframe required for completion. Rush jobs are assessed higher price.

  •  Quantity of information you expect to be taken into consideration for the first draft of your resume. 

  • If you send extensive documentation including lengthy performance reviews, powerpoint presentations, resumes in excess of 4 pages, or multiple copies of your old resumes you may be charged an additional fee. 


Normally all that is needed to start work on your resume is either 1 copy of your most recent resume or, at minimum, an outline of your work and educational history. The majority of resume content is created during the interview portion of the process when you speak directly with Liz. 


Generic cover letters are generally not effective tools for communicating your value and accomplishments to a potential employer. A cover letter should customized for the specific employer and/or job to which you are applying. If you contract Ultimate Resumes to write a cover letter for you we will carefully research potential employers that you select and a write a cover letter that articulates your ability to add value to that particular employer based upon your unique background.

Not every job candidate for needs a cover letter. You may not need a cover letter if you are…

  • working with an executive recruiter to find a job.

  • using your professional network to get your resume placed directly in the hands of hiring managers.

  • a C-suite executive.

On the other hand, you might need one if you…

  • are targeting a company that doesn’t currently have a job opening but for which you have a particular passion, and you want to explain your interest and value proposition.

  • want to change careers and your resume doesn’t fully explain your transition plan.

  • are applying for jobs through company websites and those websites ask for a cover letter.


Pricing for a professional biography is $350.

Bios are generally most useful for senior executives, public speakers, entrepreneurs, or for individuals seeking membership on a public or not-for-profit Board of Directors.


Pricing for a Board application package depends on what information you need compiled and created. To request a quote contact us for a free consultation.

If you are being considered for membership on one or more Boards of Directors, Ultimate Resumes can help you create a comprehensive information package which will support your candidacy. The information package will include the following:

  • Professional Bio

  • Resume

  • List of Board Memberships and other Affiliations

  • List of Patents held (if applicable)


Interview Coaching and Mock Interviews

Sometimes preparing for an interview by thinking through answers to common questions or preparing for tough questions or case interviews is helpful. We are happy to help you to prepare for interviews by helping you to anticipate questions and to formulate answers in advance. We can also assist you in preparing for a case interview, such as those conducted by some of the top consulting firms. Pricing is determined up front, based on the expected amount of time that will be required to prepare you for your interview.

Industry, Career, or Job-Specific Research

We can research companies that could be a great fit for your skills. Tell us about your dream company and dream job and let us research it for you.

Award Nomination Forms

Do you want to be nominated for 40 Under 40, Profiles in Power, or another local or national award that requires an application.  We can write it for you.

Assistance with Graduate School or College Applications

Let us help you to craft a compelling story rather than a series of disjointed answers to questions.  We have experience coaching and editing applicants to some of the nations most exclusive colleges and graduate schools.

Sorority Recruitment Applications

Need help preparing for sorority recruitment (formerly known as rush)? Let us help you create an application packet that will get you noticed by the best houses on campus.

All Other Services are priced at an hourly rate. Please ask Lana Newlander for details.

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