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From first draft to final draft the resume creation process usually takes 1 week or less depending the client's availability to have conversations with Liz and to review and approve resume drafts.  The following describes the typical process for working with Ultimate Resumes:


Contact Liz. Please provide a copy of your current resume if you have one. If you do not have an electronic copy, you can fax or mail an old resume. If you do not have a current resume, you can email a list of your employment history, educational background, dates so that a resume shell can be created.  In some cases  a Linked In profile can be used to create a resume shell.

Liz will set up a brief phone call (15 - 20 minutes) to talk to you about your career goals and job search strategy and tactics and to talk through her perspective on your old resume.  This will give you a sense for how she plans to structure your resume and to present your value proposition on paper. 


Liz will begin to create a resume based on the information that you have provided. This process will generate questions about your background, strengths, experiences, and what you want your next career step to be, which we will discuss during the next step, the Consultation.


Liz will schedule a phone conversation that will last about an hour. During the phone consultation, she will ask you the questions generated during the Resume Creation step. The answers you provide to these questions will help us to create the best marketing tool for “You Inc.”


Based on the all the information gathered in Steps 1-3, Liz will create the first draft of your resume. You will be emailed the draft in a Microsoft Word format.


Once you have received your draft resume, you will have up to 10 days to approve the resume, submit comments, or request edits. Generally a resume will go through 1 - 3 edits before it is considered "final". Once the resume meets your approval, you will be e-mailed the final and proofread version of your resume. It can be sent in both a Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF format, to ensure print quality wherever you choose to produce your resume. If you like, Liz will be happy to discuss which elements in your resume should be part of your LinkedIn profile. Liz cannot update your LinkedIn profile for you because it violates that site's terms of service but she can give you guidance.


 Once your resume is completed, Liz will be happy to consult you on an occasional basis to help keep your resume updated. These consultations are particularly useful if you decide to apply for a job that does not fit your original resume specifications and you would like to revise a section to more closely match that job. Additional charges may apply.

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