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Since 1990, Liz Handlin, Ultimate Resumes’ founder, has been writing resumes designed to help terrific people land the jobs of their dreams.


In 2003, Liz got up early one morning and rewrote her new boyfriend’s resume. She had heard his stories about work and his accomplishments but his resume did not reflect what he was really doing. Instead it was a list of responsibilities.  So, Liz decided to rewrite the resume to make her boyfriend stand out. She was nervous that he might be insulted that she had taken the liberty to redo a very personal document.


On the contrary, Jonathan, the boyfriend/now her husband, was thrilled with the results and couldn’t wait to send the resume out to recruiters. He encouraged Liz to start a resume writing company and charge for her work. It seemed incomprehensible to Liz that anyone would pay for this sort of work but, for the heck of it, she started the company and hired a friend to create her first website.


And Ultimate Resumes LLC was born. She sent out her first newsletter in September 2004 and since that time the company has always had a steady and growing stream of business. In 2006, Liz quit her full time job to build Ultimate Resumes and make it her full time labor of love.  After a few years she hired Lana Newlander to manage the day-to-day business and Carla Baker to proofread documents.


Over the years Liz has worked with clients in any and every field you can imagine and in multiple countries including France, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Kenya, Thailand, and Sweden.  Liz’s true passion is for helping people to think in terms of the problems they can solve and to articulate that value proposition in the most effective manner for the reader of the resume (recruiters, CEOs, Boards of Directors, hiring managers). 


If you want to find out more about how Ultimate Resumes LLC can help you achieve your potential in the job market please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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