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  • How do I know if I need to have my resume rewritten by a professional?
    If you are a superstar who has been consistently recruited from one job to the next without a comprehensive resume in the past but a recruiter is now asking for one, you need a professional resume rewrite. If you are a senior executive who is being considered for a Board of Directors role you need a professional resume rewrite along with a bio and a list of affiliations, patents, and other boards on which you serve. If you are being considered for a political appointment and you do not have a professionally written resume, list of references, affiliations, board memberships, and other relevant information you probably need a professional resume created for you. If you have been getting feedback from recruiters and hiring managers that your resume is difficult to read, navigate, or understand you probably need a resume rewrite. But…. If you have just written your own resume or had it professionally written for you and don’t feel that you are getting enough responses to the resume you may not need a resume rewrite. Instead, you may need to rethink your job search strategy and tactics. If you are a college or graduate student whose resume is going to be included in your school’s resume book you probably don’t need a professional to write your resume. Most career and placement offices have templates and guidelines they expect you to use.
  • How do I know if Ultimate Resumes is the right resume service for me?
    If you want help from a seasoned wordsmith who can help you think through your value proposition, job search strategy, and personal sales pitch Ultimate Resumes may be the right company for you. Ultimate Resumes’ goal is to make each and every client look like a superstar on paper and to feel like one once the process is complete – we want you to be prepared for the toughest of interviews so you can land the job of your dreams. If you need a simple reformatting service or you are not at a place in your career where a carefully crafted and worded resume matters to you then Ultimate Resumes may not be the right service for you.
  • Why is Ultimate Resumes pricing more expensive than some other resume services I have seen online?
    Ultimate Resumes is unique because Liz Handlin, the CEO, personally works with every client and uses her considerable business experience and knowledge to help craft artfully worded resumes for her clients. She charges a flat rate based, in part, on the number of years of business experience each client has. The more experience a client has and/or the more senior the client’s level in an organization, the more time and expertise it takes to discuss the client’s background. There are no questionnaires or forms to fill out – Liz does all the writing for her clients. Clients receive one-on-one interviews and coaching directly from Liz. Since Liz places no official time limits on calls or limits on the number of edits, many clients, particularly senior executives can request more time, discussions, and coaching before they feel they are ready to launch a job search. Liz has found that most clients find the interview part of the resume writing process particularly helpful in creating a marketing strategy for themselves and in creating a job search strategy. Liz also has extensive contacts in many industries and with senior recruiters which she is willing to share with many of her clients. The Ultimate Resumes’ high-touch, personalized service takes time, care, and consideration which is why pricing may appear to be higher than some other services. Ultimate Resumes is recognized by its executive clientele and by some of the country’s top executive recruiters as being the best in the business. Please feel free to review our testimonials page or Liz Handlin’s Linked in profile for recommendations.
  • Are Ultimate Resumes prices negotiable?
    Generally, no, but there are certain unique cases in which Ultimate Resumes will provide pro bono or reduced rate resume writing services.
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